A User Manual of Installing APPimplant Widget

With the APPimplant widget, you will be able to integrate thousands of business apps into amoCRM without programming using just Zapier, Integromat or any other online automation platforms.
To implement an integration or to create a customized feature into amoCRM with this widget you just need to create the button within the widget, then create your own algorithm or scenario for automation in Zapier or Integromat. This manual will give you a step-by-step instruction on how to create the scenario for sending a text message within your amoCRM.

To install the widget, you will need to go to the "Settings" section in amoCRM account, then go the "integrations" section and to make a search for "APPimplant."

To create a button we will need to have a "Custom link" that can be grabbed from your Integromat account. So, we go to Integromat and under the field "scenario" create a custom block – "Custom webhook." Then we copy the link from this block.
Then we go back to amoRM account, choose "Create a button" and insert the copied link into the "webhook URL" field. Name your button. In our case, we will be creating a custom button for sending "Text messages;" therefore, we will type "Send a Text Message" under the name. Choose "Post" under the "HTTP Method Type." Under the "required entity fields" select "work phone." Will need also to give names for the "optional fields" that will appear in the dialogue window for your users. And in our case, we will name it as "Send a Text Message."
Then hit "save." Our button is created. When the button is created, we will go to Integromat account and hit a "play" button with "Run" on it to connect the Webhook to the button and to upload data from amoCRM.
After all necessary information from the system was uploaded, the next step is creating a new block in the scenario in Integromat. So, we create a connection adding the "Ring Central" block. The system will provide us with various options for the scenario. We will choose "Send SMS/MMS."
"Adding" a new "connection," give a name that will be associated with your connection and log into your "Ring Central Account" using your email address. After this completed, we will be able to choose a phone number that associated with your "Ring Central" account. Then we going back to amoCRM to send our first-test message.
Our next step will be creating a route and filling out all necessary values for the scenario in Integromat. We will use the info that has been uploaded from amoCRM. So, we choose the number that is associated with our "Ring Central" account in the "From Phone" section. Then we will need to choose a value for the "To Phone" section. Open the "map" and choose the "phone number" starting with +1… For the "Text Message" field we will choose the text from our Test-text message. In our case, it is "Hello." Here we go. Our automation is ready.
Before you activate your scenario, you should test your scenario by running it once. To test your scenario, click the "play" button with Run once beside it. To activate your scenario, exit the scenario editor by hitting the arrow key in the top left hand corner, as shown with the red arrow in the image below.

It's worth mentioning that APPimplant widget allows you to automate your workflow processes for the multiple leads. In our case, you can bulk messaging within your CRM.You just need to go to the "Lead" section in your CRM account. Choose the leads you would like to send a text message. Choose "three commas" on the "control panel," choose "APPimplant" widget on the drop down menu, then hit "send a text message" button on the "APPimplant" widget's section, type your text message, then "send" it. All your leads will receive your text messages within a minute.
We hope you found useful our instruction on how to create an automation with APPimplant widget. Please do not hesitate to shoot us an email at app@crmimplant.com
if you have any additional questions or requests.
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