The Most Popular CRM Software Comparison
This review is intending to help you choose CRM software that will meet your small or medium business requirements
Option#1 - amoCRM
This is the easy-to-use solution with powerful features.
To open a full potential we would recommend to work with amoCRM partners.
Top reasons to implement amoCRM:
Unique Digital Pipeline
On the stages of each sale, you can automate unlimited actions and integrations depending on different triggers and conditions. Here are some of the cool unique features of the system: showing ADs for leads in Facebook / Instagram / Google Adwords / Youtube, Triggering actions for website visitors and more.

Designed for recurring sales
There is a special customers section, where you can automate repeated sales on your Digital Pipeline and make different segmentation of your current client database.

Salesbot and chat support
You can connect Facebook messenger, Viber, Telegram and other messengers to a Salesbot for creating automated and manual communication within your CRM.
Salesbot is created to develop conversations based on data from your CRM.

Advanced API for customizations
With a modern API of the system developers can add widgets and integrations with different third-party software. Moreover, the system offers the best IP- telephony integrations on a market.
Option #2 - Pipedrive
This is the easy-to-use and implement CRM software.
We would recommend to integrate it into self-employed or small business teams.
Top reasons to implement Pipedrive:
Advanced mail integration
One of the best integrations with an email. With available 2-way syncing, templates, signatures, mail-tracking you will be able to use this CRM software as your primary mail client.

Detailed sales analytics and forecasting
Pipedrive provides its clients with various reports and allows to build a pipeline according to an expected closure date, that can be helpful in your business daily routine.

Popularity and easy to use
Pipedrive is a very easy system for on-boarding your employees and there are a lot of tutorials available online. A wide range of handy built-in features, for example, smart contact search and a map view will certainly enhance your bussiness process.

Option#3 - HubSpot
This is a powerful solution for small and medium businesses.
We would recommend to collaborate with marketing
partners that work with HubSpot during the integrating process.
Top reasons to implement HubSpot:
Marketing-Sales-Support platform
An all-in-one platform delivers a lot of opportunities for end-to-end analytics and automation. You won't be needed to make any integrations with any other systems for this particular purpose.

Various integrations
HubSpot is a champion among systems in ready-to-use integrations delivering additional features from different services.

Powerful partner program
A developed HubSpot partnership program will allow you to empower your experience with the software by additional consulting and implementing services.
In many cases, you can boost your business just in two months after redefining your sales methodology and implementing CRM software.
MAY, 08 / 2019
TEXT AUTHOR: Maksim klimenko
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