5 Powerful Ways To Increase
You Experience With "MindBody"
If you work in beauty, health or wellness industries you are certainly aware of the "MindBody" software, which is a common management tool in these industries.
The software allows businesses to attract new customers and members through its useful app, where anyone can sign up online for a class or a service simply paying with a debit or credit card. Once a customer signed up for your service your business will be added in their favorites, so they can manage their schedules synchronizing it with their calendars and share their achievements with friends. So, if you've never used "MindBody" before you would better learn how to prepare your business for appropriate interaction with your guests through the "MindBody" app.

Up to a certain point, your small businesses will effectively operate with the "Mindbody's" lead generation and features. A while later, you will probably think that your business could do better in managing customers even though the software does a really great job in generating new leads. For instance, you could not only manage your scheduling or remind your members about their upcoming events but also create personal ad campaigns or return cancels or no-shows. We all know that it's vital to keep your customers and members interested and loyal to your business.

Our company recently implemented a custom integration of the "MindBody" widget into amoCRM and we are thrilled to share our insights into how to increase the experience with the "MindBody" software through the CRM integration.

1. Managing all incoming leads

As it was mentioned, you can easily work on incoming leads from the "MindBody" account. But let's imagine an incoming call or an incoming request from your website. Can you be 100% certain that your sales rep or a receptionist will get back to them right away? Our experience showed that in order to increase your conversion rate in sales, all incoming requests should be captured automatically. To fulfill this task a CRM is incredibly handy. It allows you not only track any incoming information but also to create a lead based on captured data, such as a name, contact, and a communication channel. Besides, with "built-in" calls featuring CRM systems, you will be able to track and to reveal the level of satisfaction of your customers and to make amendments in your communication if needed.

2. Returning "canceled" leads

Our audit of the "MindBody" account on a client-side also showed that the system is a little bit clumsy with task management for leads. Even though all sign-ups were properly displayed on the "MindBody" interface, which is similar to the Google Calendar, we've discovered some opportunities for further enhancement in interacting with clients.
The screenshot of the "Mindbody" account
For instance, you can contact your customers directly from the software or send them a push notification, but if your customer cancels you will eventually notice a free spot in your calendar and all further interactions with the customer that you or your sales team can make to return the customer should be executed manually. Thus, the integration of the "Mindbody" account into the CRM will be helpful in managing cancels. The CRM system will collect all cancels and you can easily organize them in the system. This will facilitate your sales team by returning some of the canceled clients by creating a special offer or a marketing campaign. So, we would strongly recommend categorizing your database and working with all leads based on their stage of the sales process. With this approach, you will be able to increase your conversion rate and to manage your retention rate, which we are going to discuss below.

3. Managing your retention rate

A retention rate is a very useful metric that every business can use in order to define how stable its client base. Essentially, it describes the number of customers the business has at the end of a period relative to the number it had when that period started. As it is said, "it costs as much as seven times more to acquire a new customer than it does to retain an old one." In other words, your existing customers or members are more likely to try a new product or a service and to spend more on average than a new customer.

Now, when it's becoming clear what is a retention rate and why you should nurture your current members and customers, we can describe how integrating of the "Mindbody" software into the CRM can assist you with this business task. The CRM system will track and classify every single bit of information about your clients. With tacit knowledge about your customers, you will be able to create more efficient communication with them and decrease your retention rate. The customers simply will be coming back to your business because you know them better than anyone else.

4. Empowering your marketing strategy

So, let's elaborate a little bit features of the CRM that your sales and marketing teams can leverage to manage customer relationships more successfully. Now we are going to glance on the Digital Pipeline of amoCRM, which can help you save a tremendous amount of the budget on fees from marketing and advertising agencies. Let see how it works. As it was said, with the integration of the "Mindbody" software into the CRM you will be able to collect all the information about your clients in one place and use it for your business sake. Digital Pipeline will help you execute more personalized digital and social media campaigns since all information about your clients will be categorized based on their stage of the sales process in your CRM.

Let's imagine that you have a client, Jane. Jane signed up for a dancing class and canceled it because she had to drop off her kids at the school, which you learned from the CRM and a personal call to her. Taking this into account, your sales team could offer Jane dancing classes after 12.00 pm at your new location. The team could send an email and remind her about it through the targeted Facebook Ad campaign. In this scenario, chances that Jane would come back to your business are much higher than if she tried another search in her "MindBody" app.

5. Untangling your business analytics

Another great feature that you can take advantage of the "MindBody" and CRM integration is business analytics. "MindBody" software provides its clients with a variety of reports. Let's take a look at one of them:
The "retention rate" report in "Mindbody"
This is a report of the retention rate. There is no doubt that you will get helpful numbers from this report eventually developing fertile imagination, but we are certain that you wouldn't mind having rather graphics and charts based on these numbers. Look how easy we can see from the CRM analytics that a conversion rate* is a bit lower than it was considered: a blue line represents your incoming leads and a green line - how many of them were converted into clients.
The report of "Sales conversion rate" from amoCRM
So, based on this data you or your sales manager can dig into the system and discover that most of the leads are lacking tasks, which can be simply changed by adding follow-up tasks.

We hope that from these simple examples it can be easily seen how to empower your wellness or beauty business and increase your "MindBody" experience with integrating the CRM system.

With the integration you will be able not just attract new customers but nurture them, making special offers and effective advertising campaigns.

*A quick note for our readers:
You can learn more about "conversion rate" here.
FEBRUARY, 01 / 2019

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