How to Improve Your Customers' Experience with CRM Integration
In our previous blog post we explained How to Become #1 In Lead Capturing from Marketplaces with CRM. The main point for the whole idea was to speed up your communication with potential leads by implementing automatic IT solutions and a personal approach to communicating with your customers. Email parsing, automatic text messages, and phone calls from the CRM software will widely assist you with this task.

In this blog post, we would like to elaborate on the idea of the importance of working on customer satisfaction and managing your sales team within your CRM. There is no denying that integrating the CRM system is the beginning of the journey of improving and growing your business. First and foremost we recommend keeping a track on data you will receive from the system and make vital decisions based on this data.

And here is a case study from our project with Green Ductors, the pioneer in customized CRM-solutions among our clients. We've already described their story of success in our case study "How to Scale Your Business in 2 Months?" And today we would like to share with you how to organize high-quality communication between your sales reps and customers based on our insights from this project.

The main source of lead generation for Green Ductors is marketplaces such as Angie's List, Thumbtack, and HomeAdvisor. And after lead parsing and automatic responses to the inquiries from these platforms been set, the company hired a manager for monitoring their marketing activity and the quality of working on inbound requests. We've discovered the vitality for creating a sales script and a training program for sales reps to follow it. A transparent policy of the quality management system in the company made possible to record and monitor all conversations between the sales team and clients, to organize a grading system for the quality of conversations, and to arrange a responsible person for that purpose. Using simple Excel Spreadsheets shared among all team facilitated in organizing more responsible and mindful communication with the clients.
Our consultants created a template that could be easily adjusted to any size of the business.

The algorithm for your Customer Care and Satisfaction Manager is not complicated:

1) Check the client card within the system

2) Listen and analyze inbound and outbound calls

3) Fill out the Excel Spreadsheet with key points of conversations based on your scripts of sales calls

4) Communicate in a friendly way all achievements and areas for further development within the sales team on a weekly basis

5) Receive feedback and ideas from your sales team about your sales process

Here is an example of how the manager from Green Ductors analyzes all first conversations with their clients. The manager listens to records of calls and applies different colors to emphasize all missing points from the sales script. This spreadsheet is available for all members from the sales team and they can openly discuss their current projects within the company. The nature of the business allows the company to make all projects transparent since all incoming leads are coming from marketplaces and transferred equally among all sales reps.

Our collaboration with Green Ductors showed that the described 5-step-alghoritm can tremendously enhance your business communication, improve the level of customers' satisfaction; moreover, increase your awareness of employees' satisfaction with their responsibilities. If for some reason they are not happy with their work or projects, it will reflect the data and you will be able to make a vital decision to improve their satisfaction and the communication in sales without losing a salesperson or a client.
It's not a secret that transparent and respectful communication within the company is a great value and a competitive advantage. Wisely used CRM software will help you organize a corporate culture, where this type of communication can prosper.
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