How to Make Communication with Your Clients More Appealing (Part 1)
Briefly about GoCanvas and the APPimplant widget Integration into amoCRM
In our recent post, we were described how CRM software allows you to manage the quality of your sales and to increase the level of customers' satisfaction. And today we are pleased to announce that our team has implemented a custom integration into amoCRM with GoCanvas. GoCanvas is a cloud-based service that allows its clients to collect the data about their business from various channels making it available on multiple devices and transforming it into appealing business and work reports. Sounds good, right? Let's dive into how this integration works.

1. First, you will need to install the APPimplant widget that will facilitate your GoCanvas integration. Using APPimplant widget you will be able to customize your CRM software and create your own business process within the system.

APPimplant widget and GoCanvas integration will make possible to schedule your meetings with clients within a system transferring the data about all upcoming events to Google Calendar.
Moreover, your clients will be notified about the upcoming events via email and text messages.
For implementing your business process within a system you will need to make just a few clicks. In our example, we choose "Assign to technician" to transfer the task to a responsible technician.
The most fascinating fact about GoCanvas and APPimplant integration is that no more manual data entering is needed. The system will automatically create an event into Google Calendar and will inform a responsible technician about the upcoming scheduled meeting.
GoCanvas automatically will create a dispatch and collect the detailes about the order and the responsible person.
This data will be available for you from various devices, such as a smartphone, a tablet or your personal computer. The system also will allow you to reschedule or cancel your events automatically making changes in the system.
It's worth mentioning that all changes will be automatically transmitted to the responsible person via Slack or any other communication channel in your company.
After the task has been performed the GoCanvas will create an appealing report with all details needed to impress the clients of your business.
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