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In this review you can find the best reasons to choose right CRM
Easy to use solution with powerful features.
To open full potential better to work with consultants.
Top reasons to implement amoCRM:
On each sales stages you can automate unlimited actions and integrations depending on different triggers and conditions.
Some of cool unique features: showing ADs for leads in Facebook / Instagram / Google Adwords / Youtube, Triggering actions when website visit and more...
Designed for recurring sales
There is a special customers section, where you can automate with Digital Pipeline repeated sales and make different segmentations of your current database
Salesbot and chat support
You can connect Facebook messenger, Viber, Telegram and any other messenger to a Salesbot for automated and manual communications from CRM.
Salesbot is programmable and can use and add data from CRM.
Advanced API for customisations
With modern API developers can add widgets and integrations with different systems. The interface is designed for such add-ons.
Also it allows to do the best phone integrations on a market.
Easy to use and self-implement CRM.
Will recommend for individuals or small teams.
Top reasons to implement Pipedrive:
Advanced mail integration
One of the best integrations with email with 2-way syncing, templates, signatures, mail-tracking that allows you to use the CRM as the main mail client.
Detailed sales analytics with forecasting
From the box Pipedrive provides a lot of reports and can build pipeline depending on the expected closure date, that can be helpful for planning.
Popularity and easy to use
Pipedrive is very easy system to onboard and there are a lot of tutorials.
There are a lot of built in handy features like smart contact search and map view.

Powerful solution with a lot of integrations.
Will recommend to implement with marketing partners that work with HubSpot.
Top reasons to implement HubSpot:
Marketing-Sales-Support platform
All-in-one platform delivers a lot of opportunities for end-to-end analytics and automations. You don't need to make integrations between separate systems.
A lot of integrations
HubSpot is a champion with ready-to-use integrations, that delivers an additional features from different services.
Powerful partner programm
There are a lot of HubSpot partners that can provide a lot of consulting and implementation services.
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