How to scale
your business
in 2 months?
A Case Study Of a Home Service Company

Company: Green Air Care LLC
Owner: Dmytro Malymonenko
Field: Air Duct Cleaning
Location: Sten Island, NY
Date: October-November 2017

About the Company
Company's Sales Process Before We Came
"Green Air Care LLC" is an air duct cleaning company located in Sten Island, New York. Before we "came" to the company an owner ran the day-to-day management by himself. Without any marketing budgets, vocations, or strategic goals ("ha! sounds familiar?") he received requests (in further text "leads") from such industry platforms as: "Home Advisor," "Thumbtack," "Angie's List," "Porch," "Yelp," "Google maps," "Groupon," and "Amazon."

considered himself a "good sales rep" because his conversion rate* was 80-90%, but ironically he had never had a chance to calculate the exact number of his leads.

Dmytro, the owner of the company, handled all incoming requests and orders by himself sending out a technician to complete the order. Occasionally he helped out the technician to complete the orders.
According to Dmytro, the biggest problem he faced that time was buried in marketing and scaling the business seemed impossible due to an unstable stream of incoming leads in the company.
It was relatively easy to analyze the number of incoming leads since media platforms he was partnering with provided the data. Data analysis revealed that the company received from 6 to 12 leads per a day.
Dmytro considered himself a "good sales rep" because he thought his conversion rate* was 80-90%.
Ironically, he had never had a chance to calculate the exact number of leads. Dmytro also didn't have a structured customer base since he received requests from different platforms, which he didn't have a chance to compare as well.

*A quick note for our readers: a conversion rate describes the percentage of visitors that you could convert into your customers.
It can be calculated as #of customers / #of total leads*100%.

There are several growth strategies for a service business:
  • increasing the number of new customers
  • increasing the number of repeat customers
  • increasing the average price of the order
Sales automation helps increase the number of new and repeat customers.
First Step:
capturing them all
We've integrated all communication
channels into the CRM-system:

- all new requests from online media platforms were automatically tracked by the CRM;
- all income information was automatically transferred to the CRM, which created a new lead.

The experiment revealed that the company didn't get back to up to 40% of incoming calls.
the actual
conversion rate

of missed calls

After analyzing the data and the reasons for existing outcomes we were certain that the owner was experiencing a lack of capacities. He didn't have enough time to devote to potential clients. He spent a huge amount of his time and resources traveling with a technician and performing company's services. Thus, Dmytro decided to switch gears and focus on a sales management process.
Boost your sales!
The second week of the project showed that the main challenge of the company was not in marketing but, in fact, it was a lack of production capacity. Production capacity existed, but it didn't meet the requirements of the market. Customers no longer wanted to sign up for services two weeks in advance.
In order to increase the capacity, Dmytro hired more technical employees and purchased a new equipment. To avoid the risk of loosing quality in service and support we consulted him about recruiting and developed a training program for his remote sales team.

As a result, almost simultaneously Dmytro hired a new technician and a sales manager. A CRM-system simplified an on-boarding process for new staff since all calls were recorded and adjusted to the clients' needs increasing their satisfaction with a service.
We also assisted the owner in developing a white paper and consulted his sales manager about the CRM and it's functionality of saving every bit of interesting information about customers.

Checking-in, following up, creating a task with the CRM were very handy. Each interaction with the client was collected and stored in the system, so the sales manager could make effective data driven decisions.
Let's grow!
Based on the results from the first month of the project, the company finally could define and establish a marketing strategy. Delegated sales and an increased capacity allowed Dmytro to boost his revenue and to focus on his strategic goal of attracting new leads and increasing a market share.
On a final note
As you now realize, there wasn't anything magical in the increased stream of incoming leads as well. Our team of developers created for "Green Air Care LLC" a "CRM-driven feedback" that encouraged their clients to leave a review for the company on media platforms. This customized solution for the CRM allowed the company to send a link to the media platform directly to clients via text messaging, so the clients could easily leave a review using their smartphone. The increased number of reviews favorably influenced company's ratings on the platforms and, as a result, the amount of incoming requests to the company. According to Dmytro, his company had doubled the number of incoming leads. And just for the record, today he knows the number of incoming leads in his company precisely.
As we can conclude from this case study, after integrating of a customized CRM-based solution a company will be able to improve its business processes, which eventually can boost the revenue and a strategic development. The owner of a small business naturally can grow the business 2 times due to an increased conversion rate in sales and more effective marketing tactics.
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