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We implement innovative sales tools for your business. Scale your business with our simple service.
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CRMimplant Co. is an official partner of amoCRM in the US specializing in integrating customized business solutions for small and medium businesses. The company is located in Brooklyn, New York.
We are a team of the amoCRM evangelists and developers with a strong passion for helping businesses grow to the next level. We provide integrations, consulting services, and training programs to facilitate the efficiency of your business.
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Everyday we work hard to make business of our clients emerging and efficient
CRM Integration & Consultancy
We develop a framework for your sales process according to company's goals and strategies. We analyze your business processes and provide the best software for your business. As a result, integrating CRM will be implemented flawlessly and quickly.
If you already use a CRM-system we can perform training for your employees. Training is helpful for the understanding of KPIs and reporting skills, which eventually will bring your team on the same page about your company's goals.
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Custom Integrations for CRM
We customize widgets and integrations according to the needs of your business. Developing custom add-ons for your CRM will increase your experience with the software. Adding custom widgets will bring you a feeling of working on the CRM of your dreams.
Work Flow Automation
We explore the dynamics of your industry, competitors cases, explore trends and use new technologies for growing your company. Analyzing your strengths and weaknesses we develop IT-solutions helping to address the company's weaknesses, enhance a sales framework, and lift your business to the next level.
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CRM Data Migration
If you decide to move your business from one CRM to another we can help you implement this task more efficiently. We will create a plan of work considering differences in entities in old and new CRM systems, which will make your transition imperceptible for your team.
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Digital Marketing
We provide consulting services for implementing effective digital marketing campaigns for your business. Cooperating with amoCRM, we create custom solutions for its Digital Pipeline. It allows you to capture your leads from social media, create personalized messages and SMM campaigns from your CRM.
  • "Defined sales methodology wins over talents!" - my favorite phrase;
  • We will build an innovative framework for your sales process, so you will have time and resources to scale your business and achieve your goals;
  • In many cases, you can double your business in two months after CRM implementation.
Maksim Klimenko
CEO & Founder of "CRMimplant"
Without a defined sales methodology up to 50% of potential customers "wind up" in the trashcan.

It's hard to believe that it's still happening, but according to research, the problem of loosing potential leads affects most small businesses. Think about it. Have you ever tried to reach the company with a request and they never get back to you? We could imagine multiple reasons why this happened but our experience has shown that the main reason is: "Companies don't TRACK!"
If you think that it will never happen to your business then please come back later because we will help you capture each request automatically, respond quickly, and win your prospects more efficiently.

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3 Core Rules to Increase Your CRM Experience
Capture all
You need to set up a
CRM-system tracking ALL your communication channels and capturing all intersections with customers creating leads AUTOMATICALLY!
Phone calls / Web forms / Social media requests / Messengers
Lead the pipeline
Your sales representative knows what he will be doing next at each stage of the sales process. The status of the pipeline indicates the last taken action and encourages to move forward.
It doesn't matter how long a lead lifecycle or a conversion rate, as long as you make an action.
Follow up
All your potential leads and clients have scheduled tasks and follow-ups with a due date and a responsible person because
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