How to Make Appointments within Your CRM More Effective
Many users pretty often find them trapped in the dilemma of compatibility of their favorite scheduling tool and CRM software. We receive a wide range of requests regarding integration of scheduling software into amoCRM. The good new is that any scheduling software with open API is possible to integrate into this CRM.

Recently we've successfully implemented a custom integration of scheduling software into amoCRM. gives you multiple opportunities to organize your scheduling process according to your brand book, calendars, operating time zones and languages. You can learn more about powerful features and plans of from here. In general the interface of the software will look like in the picture below:

The most fascinating about this project is that we've integrated the software directly into the system. Using our recently launched APPimplant widget we could create a functional button within the system that facilitated with making appointments within the system:
A two-way integration of any scheduling software with available API will allow you both booking from the system and making changes within the software, which means no more double entering or multiple open windows on your desktop. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in integrating of your appointment scheduling software, such as, Calendly, Google Calendar, Doodle, Appointy etc., into your CRM.
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