How to Become #1
In Lead Capturing
from Marketplaces
There's something in the air. It's your leads coming.
Online Marketplaces
If you read this, you are certainly aware of online marketing platforms providing small businesses with steady lead generation. There is no need to describe online marketplaces. There are various of them worldwide and they provide resources to kick off a small business online. But you should keep in mind three main rules to succeed on them:
1. Choose a right platform
2. Present you business more comprehensively
3. Organize your sales process to capture leads from online market places efficiently.
Oh wait! We forgot to mention marketing campaigns to increase your lead generation from marketplaces. But before doing this please read our tips on how to work on capturing leads from marketplaces and eliminate a side effect of high competition there. And Yes! Consider to implement marketing promotion campaigns on marketplaces with the assumption of fetching leads from marketplaces more efficiently.

While planing your ad campaign on marketplaces be aware of effective communication

A Plan of Actions to Win on Marketplaces
We've created the step-by-step plan of actions based on our experience and accomplishments of our clients who became successful in utilizing lead generation from marketplaces effectively.

#1 Tracking incoming leads from marketplaces in CRM

First of all, you need a CRM tool to capture all your requests and leads from marketplaces. CRM will create a lead from incoming request automatically and this is a crucial condition. Working on marketplaces you should follow the rule "first come, first saved" for all participants there. So, beyond the efficient lead capturing you have to set you management tasks and follow-ups responding to each request within few hours.

#2 Email Parsing
Fetching leads from market places into the CRM system. This procedure is going through email integration into CRM. Custom settings for email integration will allow you to extract all incoming info from the marketplace's inquiry and transfer it into the CRM.

#3 Connecting Slack

It will be also energy-saving to connect Slack or any other messengers to your CRM, so your sales team will be automatically notified about incoming leads from the marketplaces.
#4 Automatizing follow-up emails

We recommend organizing lead parsing via emails and connect them to the CRM system. This is the initial start with working on the request for further follow-ups. Your first follow-up email can introduce your company and make a call to action. And don't forget to be creative sending you compelling info about your services. Your potential clients should remember you may not have a chance to change the first impression.

#5 Implementing text messages

We've worked with a client who made great progress in interacting with incoming leads from marketplaces by supplementing his emails with follow up text messages. An immediate text message will create a personal contact and will increase your conversion rate cause, let's talk honestly, people communicate through messages all the time. Our practice proved that clients are more tolerant to text messaging than any other communication channel.
d#6 No missing callbacks

Another great feature in CRM that can be implemented to increase your conversion rate is an automatic callback. With the integration of IP telephony into the CRM, you can set up a call back to your potential clients, so you can be 100% certain that your lead won't get lost.

#7 Following up tasks for your sales reps

We had a great practice when one of our clients created a productive dialogue with incoming leads from marketplaces via personal follow-up emails. But don't be "spammy" - make your communication caring and personal. Here is an example of how to work with incoming leads from marketplaces from email parsing to text messaging and automatic follow-up with personal emails. It is worth mentioning that this client responded to incoming requests from marketplaces within 24 hours because he knew that if he didn't respond to a lead at short notice this lead would be served by someone else.
To become #1 on marketplaces be authentic, respond quickly and use IT technologies in communicating with your potential clients.
Note to Remember
To capture leads from marketplaces quickly:

1. Install CRM
2. Capture leads's attention with messengers
3. Follow-up incoming requests within 24 hours
4. Create personal communication with your prospects

Written by Victoria Sudakova
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