3 Essential Benefits of the Custom Google Calendar Integration into amoCRM
Learn more about useful features after integrating automation scheduling with Google calendar in amoCRM
Google Calendar for Business
There is no doubt that today everyone is familiar and actively use Google Calendar, which is a free online tool from Google that helps you manage your appointments, meetings, and events. Thanks to Google Calendar you can easily sync your schedule with your friends' or business partners' schedules arranging mutual events and meetings effortless.

Many small and middle businesses use Google Calendar on their daily basis since this tool effectively assists them with planning their meetings, events, and business schedules for weeks or even months. By sharing a calendar with other online services, it can empower business flexibility to book appointments with clients and colleagues. With Google Calendar, your business easily can be available wherever you are 24/7, which will empower your service by providing clients with a feeling of been valued. Thus, many developers of CRM aware of this fact trying to meet their customers' desire to continue using Google Calendar within their CRM systems.

If you considering to integrate Google Calendar into amoCRM you will certainly find useful this info on how to integrate your Google Calendar into amoCRM. In this blog post, we are going to describe three vital benefits and advanced features that will be available for you and your team with custom integration of Google Calendar into amoCRM.

1. Scheduling your events in the system
The most important feature with Google Calendar integration is that you'll be able to create your appointments or important events directly from the system. Just from the "lead card" you sales representatives will be able to make an appointment.
Choosing a convenient date and a time they will be able to work cooperatively and create a seamless workload for your business.
The system will automatically create an event and move the status of your order to the next stage on Digital Pipeline in amoCRM.
Due to auto sync, the event will automatically appear in the Google Calendar in your account. The system also will transfer the date, time and address to the Calendar. Therefore, you can be certain that your employees using this info, for instance, a technician will get all necessary details about the order. Moreover, the system can differentiate and categorize your events showing it in different colors or in multiple accounts.
2. Automatic confirming via emails

Many of our clients find extremely useful an automatic confirmation via emails. When your sales reps create an event the system will send an automatic email to clients with all vital information about the status of their orders.
3. Automatic confirming via text messages

The system will duplicate the confirmation about the appointment to a client via text messaging. It's a very handy feature for many small and medium businesses operating in B2C sectors. We've already mentioned how important for many businesses today providing their clients with a feeling that they are valuable and important. Automotive confirmations via emails and text messages will create interactive communication with your clients giving them vital feelings of being cherished and cared.
Automotive confirmations via emails and text messages will create interactive communication with your clients giving them vital feelings of being cherished and cared.
APRIL, 25 / 2019
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