Empowering Beauty
with the Integration of "MindBody" and CRM
This is a story about one young and brave lady, who is passionate about bringing beauty into the world by making other women feel confident and happy about their look
Ekaterina Isakovan and her eyelash extensions studio and a training center in Brooklyn (NY), "Your Classy Eyes." The studio provides beauty services for eyelashes extending and training programs to other experts and technicians in the beauty sector. And this is her story of success.
It was a lovely fall day when Ekaterina contacted us to make the audit of her sales process. She had a feeling that sales opportunities for her business were slipping through her fingers. From our experience, it usually means a decreased conversion rate and, as a result, a decreased revenue.

At that time the store had been operating for a year and it was enrolled into the "Accelerate" type of subscription in the "MindBody" software. Recently we've described the "5 Ways to Increase Your "MindBody" Experience" with integrating the "Mindbody" into a CRM. The "Accelerate" type of subscription in "MindBody" provides beauty and wellness businesses with lead generation, a variety of scheduling and reminder tools, some marketing features for creating email marketing campaigns, a payroll integration, and more than 90 different reports. You can learn more about "MindBody" features here.

Our internal audit of the sales process at the studio defined some strengths and weaknesses in sales management and we developed a step-by-step strategic plan for further integrations into their software.

Step #1- Capturing leads and working with incoming data

The first step was made toward collecting every bit of information about incoming leads in the studio and integrating of a CRM-system. Our choice fell on the amoCRM since the system is very flexible for adjusting to different business needs and includes a built-in calls feature.

After the qualitative analysis of incoming calls, our team discovered that the studio was losing up to 70% of its clients. It is worth mentioning, that the salon was losing not only incoming leads but also existing clients. It was obvious that the store was lacking the capacity to meet all incoming requests. The receptionists were unable to pay attention to incoming calls or requests while they were working with guests. Besides, the capacity of the salon couldn't meet the requirements of all incoming requests, the salon was lacking the eyelash technicians.

While Ekaterina was cooperating with our team of consultants, she had an "A-ha" moment that led her to the decision of hiring more receptionists and technicians.
The Digital Pipeline in amoCRM allowing to atomize communication with leads based on their stage of the sales process.
Step #2 – Enhancing sales capabilities

The second strategic decision for developing a solid sales framework was made to build a sales team aiming to work with the whole client base, including cancels and no-shows. The CRM system collected all incoming requests and leads distributing them into different segments based on their status of the sales process. So, if the client canceled the session, the sales team contacted him or her directly from the system and made a personal offer.

It was also decided to define and to work more proactively with clients, who needed a repeat session for eyelash extending. So, the sales team reminded existing customers to renew their extensions, which was a necessary procedure for feeling healthy and keeping the fluffy effect of eyelashes.

As a result of the cooperative work of the teams of receptionists and sales reps, the store increased the workload and the level of customer satisfaction.
Step #3 -Empowering marketing campaigns

Another strategic improvement was made by implementing into the CRM a customized marketing tool of capturing all comments and requests from Instagram into the system. This feature allowed a marketing team to interact with Instagram followers directly from the CRM. There is no denying that such an impressive option wasn't possible with any other built-in CRM features available on the US market.

The customized integration of the Instagram account into amoCRM
Challenges During the Project

During consulting and training work at the studio, our team could reveal some weaknesses in sales management. We're glad that Katerina was very devoted to the process of the implementation and was consistent in incorporating changes. Managing a small business can be compared with growing a little child who always needs extra care and patience. Similarly, addressing defined weaknesses in growing business you will find new areas for improvement. For example, while our consultant was organizing a system for maintaining a high level of quality in services and a customer-oriented approach at the studio, Katerina discovered that her employees were lacking a new motivational system. And she accepted new challenges.
Studio's revenue increased up to 50% in comparison with the same period of the previous year

The studio's changes and Ekaterina's effort brought various results. On one hand, the studio's revenue increased up to 50% (in comparison with the same period of the previous year). On the other hand, a newly developed system helped employees not only work cooperatively performing a more holistic approach to interacting with clients but discovered new areas for improvement.

Our results showed that implementing a sales enabling framework into the growing business allows not only to address its weaknesses by making prompt and effective data-driven decisions but also to discover new resources for further growth.

Implementing a sales enabling framework into a growing business will eventually empower the business and drive success.
FEBRUARY, 21 / 2019
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