How to double the
small business in 2 months?!
Case of a home service company

Company: Green Air Care LLC
Owner: Dmytro Malymonenko
Field: Air Duct Cleaning
Location: Sten Island, NY
Date: October-November 2017

Initial data:
Company structure: Owner and 1 technician.
Company gets potential clients (further in text leads) from industry platforms (aggregators) like: Home Advisor, Thumbtack, Angie's List, Porch and from popular sites like Yelp, Google maps, Groupon, Amazon end etc.
Dmytro called the figure 80-90% on conversion rate from potential clients to customers, but he didn't count, because he considered himself a good seller.
The owner worked on all incoming requests and send the technician out to the job. Sometimes he helped technician to close more jobs per day.
At the first meeting, according for Dmytro, the problem was with marketing and the scale of the business seemed impossible because of the lack of a steady flow of leads to the company.

We decided to analyze the number of leads that enters to the company - it was relatively easy, because platforms are providing such data. At the time of analysis, it turned out that the company receives 6-12 leads per day, while not all are closed on the first day and it was difficult to count the conversion rate. Additionally, we didn't find portion of the customers base in reports - customers called from other sources, which it was impossible to calculate.
There are several growth strategies in service business:
  • increase in the number of clients;
  • growth of repeated customers;
  • an increase in the average price.
Sales automation helps to increase the number of new and repeated customers.
Automating field processes is the next step.

First step:
count them all
Dmytro agreed to the experiment:
We integrate communication channels into the CRM:
- all new requests from the platforms began to fall into the CRM automatically
- all new calls also created a new deal in the CRM

According to the results of the first week, the picture was deplorable!
conversion to sale

of missed calls

After analyzing the reasons, it became clear that the owner simply doesn't have time to work with potential clients at the required level. He traveled a lot with a technician to clients.
Dmytro decided to stop the field-work and focus on sales process.
Let's grow!
By results of the second week it became already clear that the bottleneck, in fact was in the number of technicians. Customers no longer wanted to sign up for the service two weeks in advance.
Dmytro took up the search for a new employee and the purchase of a new machine with equipment. That's why the company began to lose in quality once again, owner didn't have enough time to care for the clients. It was time to publish a vacancy on the sales manager ready to work remotely.

As a result, almost simultaneously we hired a new technician and sales manager. The focus of the owner was aimed at adapting new employees. It was much easier to train the manager. All Dmytro's calls were recorded in the system, it was simply necessary to prepare a price list and train manager to use the CRM.

Checking the work inside the CRM was very convenient after listening to the calls, checking the sales stages where leads were stuck and it was always possible to help manager: all the history of interaction with the client was stored in the system.
Boost your sales!
Based on the results of the first month, it became clear that the budget planned for marketing is not utilized and there is a lot of room for growth. Because the sales process was delegated to the manager, it was possible to focus on attracting leads.
CRM-based feedback collection system was implemented, depending on the source from which the client contacted, a special link was sent, so that the client could easily leave a review there. By the results of the automation of this process, it was possible to collect almost the same number of reviews for the month as in the last year, which favorably influenced the company's progress in the aggregator rating and, consequently, the number of new applications, but for the third month - it is beyond the scope of this case :)
In the turnover, the company grew in 2 times due to an increase in the conversion rate, with a virtually unchanged number of leads. As of the beginning of May 2018, the company opened a vacancy for the 3rd sales manager and the 4th technician.
Now we are ready for integrations with route optimization software and field reporting.
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